Map Collectors' Circle - 6 volumes

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Six volumes (complete). Bound issues. All are in placid, pleasing condition. Volume I: 1963-64 - 10 issues: 1 - Geographical Oddities or Curious, Ingenious, and Imaginary Maps and Miscellaneous Plates published in Atlases. The title page has a splash of foxing; 2 - Early Antarctica - A glance at the beginnings of cartographic representation the South Polar Regions by R V Tooley; 3 - The Isles of Scilly by Margaret Palmer; 4 - Adams' & Pine's Maps of the Spanish Armada by D Schrire; 5 - The Printed Maps of Tasmania - A Chronological List from 1777-1900 With Alphabetical Index by R V Tooley; 6 - Early Maps and Views of the Cape of Good Hope by R V Tooley; 7 - Leo Belgicus - An Illustrated List of Variants by R V Tooley (the front page has a maquillage of foxing); 8 - California as an Island - A Geographical misconception illustrated by 100 examples from 1625 to 1770 by R V Tooley; 9 - County Atlases of the British Isles 1579-1850 - A Bibliography compiled by R A Skelton; 10 - Some Early Printed Maps of Trinidad and Tobago - With a facsimile of Faden's Descriptive Account of the Island of Trinidad, 1802. The boards have some light storage wear and scuffing. The page edges have storage foxing and marks. The contents are tight and smart. Vol 2: 1964-65: 11 - Falkland Islands - A bibliography of 50 examples of printed maps bearing specific reference to the Falkland Islands by Angela Fordham; 12 - One Hundred Foreign Maps of Australia 1773-1887; 13 - Maps of Wales and Welsh Cartographers by Olwen Caradoc Evans; 14 - County Atlases of the British Isles (title page is missing); 15 - Ancient Maps and Explorers' Routes on Stamps; 16 - A Dictionary of Mapmakers including Cartographers, Geographers, Publishers, Engravers, etc from earliest times to 1900 by R V Tooley; 17 - The Cape of Good Hope 1782-1842 from De la Rochette to Arrowsmith - Being some notes on the development of the early mapping of European-occupied South Africa by English cartographers by D Schrire; 18 - Maps of the Yorktown Campaign 1780-1781 - A Preliminary Checklist of Printed and Manuscript Maps Prior to 1800 by Coolie Verner; 19 - The Printed Maps of Bermuda by Margaret Palmer; 20 -North American City Plans being a selection of plans of the cities of Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Charlestown, Cincinnati, Detroit, Ebenezer, Montreal, Newport, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Quebec, Savannah, St Augustine and Washington. The spine has mild wear to the head and foot. Within, the glue along the guttering along some pages is apparent. The later pages have some light evidence of use. Otherwise, the pages are clean, clear, certain. Vol 3: 1965-1966: 21 - The Printed Maps of Barbados from the earliest times 1873 by Tony Campbell; 22 - Town Plans of the British Isles series appearing in atlases from 1580-1850 by Angela Fordham; 23 - Early Maps of Australia - The Dutch Period - Being examples from the Collection of R V Tooley with Bibliographical Notes; 24 - New Light on the Jansson-Visscher Maps of New England by Tony Campbell; 25 - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland; 26 - The Maps of South-West France with special reference to Cognac - being the Catalogue of a Collection; 27 - Bickhams' Birds Eye County Views and the British Monarchy including the North American Supplement reproduced in full by D Schrire; 28 - Dictionary of Mapmakers cont'd; 29 - The Printed Maps of the Continent of Africa and regional maps south of the Tropic of Cancer (1500-1900) by R V Tooley; 30 - Regional Maps - East and Central Africa 1500-1600, South Africa 1500-1600. A placid copy with some streaks of foxing along the paper trims. The early pages have spots of foxing. Volume 4: 1966-1967: The front pages and papaer trims are spotted with foxing. 31 - Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland Part II; 32 - French Explorers Maps of New Zealand by R P Hargreaves; 33 - French Mapping of the Americas - The De l'Isle, Buache, Dezuache, Succession (1700-1830) by R V Tooley - the first two pages have a stain spot, otherwise the pages are very clean and clear; 34 - Notes and Addenda - the glue along the binding is visible; 35 - Maps of Germany with Marginal Town Views by Dr K Stopp - the title page has some few spots of foxing. 36 - Japan: European printed maps to 1800 by Tony Campbell; 37 - The Marine Surveys of James Cook in North America 1758-1768 particularly the Survey of Newfoundland - A bibliography of printed charts and sailing-directions by R A Skelton and R V Tooley; 38 - Ward Maps of the City of London by Ralph Hyde; 39 - Comparitive Cartography by Henry Stevens and Roland Tree; 40 - A Dictionary of Mapmakers including Cartographers, Geographers, Publishers, Engravers, etc, from the earliest times to 1900 - Part III - D to Fatio by R V Tooley. Volume 5: 1967-1968: The early, later and paper trims are freckled with foxing. The boards have some scuffing, shelving wear about the edges and seams. 41 - County Atlases of the British Isles 1579-1850 - Part 3 (1646 - 1670) by R A Skelton; 42 - The Printed Maps of Jamaica up to 1825 by Capt Kit S Kapp; 43 - Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland Part III; 44 - The Printed Maps of New South Wales 1773-1873 by R V Tooley; 45 - Smith's Virginia and its Derivatives - A Carto-Bibliographical Study of the Diffusion of Geographical Knowledge by Coolie Verner; 46- Claes Jansz Visscher - A Hundred Maps Described by Tony Campbell; 47 - Maps of Africa - A Selection of Printed Maps from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries Part I by R V Tooley; 48 - Maps of Africa - Part II; 49 - County Atlases of the British Isles 1579 - 1850 - A Bibliography - Part 4 (1671-1703); 50 - A Dictionary of Mapmakers including Cartographers, Geographers, Publishers, Engravers, etc from the earliest times to 1900 - Part IV Fatout to Gutierrez by R V Tooley. Please note that not all maps are bound correctly. Volume 6: 1969: Please note that the book is bound upside down. The boards have storage and shelving scuffing, wear. The early and later pages, the papertrims are sprinkled with foxing. 51 - Sir H George Fordham Carto-Bibliographer by J M Henshall; 52 - Decorative Initial Letters Used in Atlases by Alfred Bellaire; 53 - The Printed Maps of Hertfordshire 1577-1900 Part I (1577-1784) by D Hodson; 54 - Marine Plans and Charts of Wales by Olwen Caradoc Evans; 55 - The Printed Maps of Antigua 1689-1899 by R V Tooley; 56, 57 - The Malinowski Collection of Maps of Poland Parts IV, V; 58 - Captain Collins' Coasting Pilot - A Carto-Bibliographical Analysis by Coolie Verner; 59 - The Printed Maps of Hertfordshire 1577-1900 Part 2 (1785-1820) by D Hodson; 60 - Printed Maps of Australia being a Catalogue of a Collection Part I by R V Tooley. 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Title: Map Collectors' Circle - 6 volumes

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Publisher: Map Collectors' Circle, London: 1963

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