Album of South African First Day Covers and Commemorative Envelopes

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Varied First Day Covers and Commemorative envelopes. 1. FDC - 1984 - Militre Dekorasies, Medaljes / Military Decorations, Medals; Set unbroken; two cancellations: Voortrekkerhoogte 194-11-09; unsealed with information card within. 2. 1982 Vierde Vaste Reeks/ Fourth Definitive Series: RSA; 21 stamps on presentation card (information on the reverse); 6 cancellations: Fourth Definitive Series Vierde Vaste Reeks 1982-07-15 Pretoria S1. 3. Complete set of commemorative stamps for the Royal Visit of 1947; 1d: the King, 2d: The King and Queen, 3d: the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret; registered, sealed, addressed; 5 cancellations: Koninklike Besoek- Royal Visit Suid-Afrika-1947-South Africa, 17 II 47. 4. Two separately addressed envelopes commemorating the "First Flight - Eerste Vlug Johannesburg-Rio de Janeiro- New York-Rio de Janeir-Johannesburg; SAA/SAL branding; Cancellations identical: Johannesburg Eerste Vlug/First Flight Na/To Rio De Janeiro & New York 23 Feb 69; both unsealed with information cards within. 5. FDC: Republiekfees-Republic Festival 1961-1966 31-5 Amptelike Gedenkkoevert / Official Souvenir Envelope; four sets of stamps, each unbroken; 3 cancellations: Cape Town - Kaapstad - 23 - 31.V.A66; addressed; sealed. 6. Two separately addressed FDC marking the life Hendrik Verwoerd; "Amptelike Gedenkkoevert/ Official Commemorative envelope; 3 separated stamps each; 2 cancellations on each envelope: Voortrekkermonument - -6 XII A66; unsealed with information cards within. 7. Commemorative envelope marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of "The Wallaby Service" SAA/SAL flight to Perth (Australia). South African Airways Branding with flight details: Boeing 747 SP - Flihgt-Vlug SA 282 - 1982-11-26; Addressed; three cancellation stamps: two stamps on the front: Johannesburg 55 26 XI 82 6-00; one on the reverse Perth W.Aust 6000 27 Nov 1982; unsealed with information card within. 8. Commemorative envelope with South Airways Branding of the "First Scheduled Flight/ Eerste Roostervlug Boeing 747 SP Flight-Vlug SA 211 1982-12-08; addressed; three cancellations: two on front: Johannesburg 55 8 XII 82 10-00, one on reverse Houston.TX 770 1982 AM 9 Dec; unsealed with information card withi. 9. Date-stamp card; two date stamps: 1983-10-12 Cape Town/ Kaapstad. 10. Commemorative envelope with South African Airways branding marking the 25th anniversary of air connections between Johannesburg and Zrich: SAL/SAA Johannesburg-Zrich Boeing 747 SP Flight-Vlug SA 272 1982-12-03; three cancellations: two on the front: Johannesburg 55 3 XII 82 10-00, one on reverse: 8000 Zrich 1 briefversand -4.12.82-12; unsealed with information card within. 11. Commemorative envelope marking the centenary of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa: "Methodist Centenary Thanksgiving - 100 years of autonomy of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa"; two cancellations in the shape of shells marked with 100 and a cross: 1983.05.13 - 60 - Johannesburg; unaddressed; unsealed with information card within. 12. Commemorative envelope marking the 75th anniversary of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Research Institute; Onderstepoort 75 Gedenkjaar Anniversary 8.10.1908 - 8.10.1983 Navorsingsinstituut vir Veeartsenyunde; two cancellations: four circles with line drawings of animals with in (cow, sheep, pig, horse) with a microscope in centre: 64 1983.10.08 Onderstepoort; unaddressed, unsealed with information card within. 13. FDC: Flora 83; two stamps of a protea; one cancellation: Kaapstad.Cape Town - Kirstenbosch 26VIII83; unaddressed, unsealed, no information card. 14. Commemorative envelope for MV "SA Agulhas"; illustration of the vessel at the top left; the stamps have a cancellation: Cape Town / Kaapstad - Paquebot - 7.X.84 - 6.00; six other cancellation stamps: anti-clockwise: rectangular cancellation - Marioneiland 40d52'S 37d51'E Marion Island; a rectangular inked stamp: Neutron Research Potchefstroom; a stamped illustration of a penguin; a red stamp of a badge with a penguin within, Marion; information marking for the Agulhas; another cancellation at the top: "Off Marion Island - Posted 29 Sep 1984 At Sea - mv SA Agulhas; on the reverse: Department of Transport, Helicopter Flight mv SA Agulhas; registered; sealed. 15. Commemorative envelope marking the Tercentenary of Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk; 1665 1965 Derde Eeufees Tercentenary Amptelike Gedenkkoevert / Official Souvenir Envelope; two commemorative stamps with a single cancellation: Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk 300 Jaar 300 Years - Kaapstad 21.X.1965 Cape Town; unsealed, information card within. 16. First Day Card: "Eeufees/ Centenary Internasionale Telekommunikasie-unie/ International Telecommunication Union 1865-1965; 3 stamps, 2 unbroken; one cancellation: Cape Town-Kaapstad 17 V 65", information on rear. 17. FDC "International Telecommunication Union Centenary / Internasionale Telekommunikasieunie Eeufees 17.5.1965; two stamps broken; one cancellation: Pretoria 17-V-1965 ITU 1965-1965; addressed, sealed. 18. Three separate FDCs marking the golden jubilee of the ATKV (Afrikaanse Taal-en-Kultuurvereniging); commemorative decoration and illustration to the left; single 5c stamps, two cancellations (one on left foot corner): 1930 1980 50 ATKV 1980.08.19 33 Johannesburg; all three unaddressed and unsealed with information cards within. 19. Commemorative envelope (rarely found) for the van Riebeeck festival of 1952: illustration of Table Bay with a sailor collecting mail from under a stone; five stamps (1d, 4 1/2d, 1'/-, 2d, 1/2d); two cancellations showing Cape Castle five corners with statue of van Riebeeck with dates; addressed and registered (with 'Van Riebeeck' special registration mark); unsealed. 20. Commemoration envelope via 'Speciale van Riebeeck Vlucht, KLM, Den Haag, Holland'; five Netherland van Riebeeck stamps (205 cents; 64 cents; 105 cents; 23 cents), five South African stamps (1d, 1/-, 1/2d, 4 1/2d, 2d); seven cancellations of different designs (Dutch and South African); addressed; sealed with a charity stamp (1952 For Cripples). 22. Virtually identical envelope as that before except for very slightly differing positioning of stamps. fk. Our orders are shipped using tracked courier delivery services.

Title: Album of South African First Day Covers and Commemorative Envelopes

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