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Children - Collectables

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Edmund Dulac's Picture-Book for the French Red Cross
1 Edmund Dulac's Picture-Book for the French Red Cross
1915 First Edition Hardcover Fair No Jacket Hardcover Dulac, Edmund 
135 pages (complete). An aging copy of this book of tales for children. The covers have wear, marks, scuffing all about. The spine has been repaired with a leather patch. The boards are steady and sure. The contents are foxed throughout. The Dulac tipped-in illustrations are mild-mannered, complete. The pages are comfortable, firm, placid, clear, kindly. fk 
Price: 19.00 USD
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2 Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale's Golden Book of Songs & Ballads
Hodder and Stoughton 1920? First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover 
198 pages (complete). A comfortably aging copy. Of note is the inscription on the front pastedown. Research indicates that this is from Sir J G Kotzé - who was, amongst many other achievements, in conflict, as the first Chief Justice of the ZAR (appointed by Shepstone). Kruger's departure did his career no end of good and his career as a jurist is held in the highest esteem. The book has a clear plastic protective cover (scruffy). The boards are comfortable and sure. The contents are mild, mellow throughout. They have flurries of foxing throughout. The illustrations by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale are vivid, wistful, colourful. The pages are contented, clear, competent, welcoming. fk 
Price: 85.50 USD
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Uncle Tom's Cabin - A Story of the Slave Days in America - adapted from the story by Harriet Beecher Stowe (The Childrens' Picture Classics)
3 Uncle Tom's Cabin - A Story of the Slave Days in America - adapted from the story by Harriet Beecher Stowe (The Childrens' Picture Classics)
Samuel Griffiths & Company Ltd., at the Carmelite Press, Cape Town 1950? Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover 
39 pages (complete). A much owned copy of this evocatively illustrated and adapted edition of "Uncle Tom's Cabin". The boards have wear, scuffing, handling and shelving marks all about. The cloth spine too has wear. Both the boards and spine are benign, quietly healthy. The contents are comfortable and eager. The binding is a trifle off balance but the page bundle is secure, certain. The pages are clean, clear, competent, assured. fk 
Price: 39.90 USD
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The Treasure of Chin-Loo - And Other Stories of Adventure, Blake, Paul ; Bolton, F H ; Pearson, Alec G ; Hervey, H ; Johnston, William ; Herries, M S
4 Blake, Paul ; Bolton, F H ; Pearson, Alec G ; Hervey, H ; Johnston, William ; Herries, M S The Treasure of Chin-Loo - And Other Stories of Adventure
The Religious Tract Society, London 1911 Hardcover Very Good No Jacket Hardcover Speed, Lancelot 
279 pages (complete). A comfortable copy. The illustrated boards are genial and kindly. There is wear all about. The boards have scuffing, marks. The back board has storage staining. Within, the contents are most satisfying. The pages are tight, clean, clear, thick, congenial, pleasing. fk 
Price: 28.50 USD
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Tarzan's Quest, Burroughs, Edgar Rice
5 Burroughs, Edgar Rice Tarzan's Quest
Methuen & Co., Ltd., London 1938 First Edition Hardcover Very Good No Jacket Hardcover 
296 pages (complete). A comfortable, companionable copy. The boards have storage wear and scuffing. They are benign and healthy. The frontispage has had a previous owner signature snipped away. The contents are most agreeable. There are some very mild handling marks to some edges. Otherwise, the pages are clean, clear, contented, certain, satisfactory. fk 
Price: 66.50 USD
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William's Television Show, Crompton, Richmal
6 Crompton, Richmal William's Television Show
George Newnes Limited, London 1958 First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover Henry, Thomas 
256 pages (complete). The book will be supplied with a facsimile jacket. A generously owned copy. The covers have wear, scuffing. They are secure and comfortable. The contents have much evidence of use and handling. They have some handling marks here and there. Otherwise, the pages are comfortable, eager, clean, clear, contented. fk 
Price: 23.75 USD
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Dirty Beasts, Dahl, Roald
7 Dahl, Roald Dirty Beasts
Jonathan Cape Ltd., London 1983 0224020536 / 9780224020534 First Edition Hardcover Very Good No Jacket Hardcover Fawcett, Rosemary 
Complete. A lovely copy of the first edition of Dahl's characteristically anarchic verses for children. The boards are neat, bright, solid. The contents have evidence of careful, contented wear throughout. Nonetheless, the pages are clean, clear, bright, vivid, terrifying! fn 
Price: 9.50 USD
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8 Finnemore, John Three School Chums (The Teddy Lester Books No.1)
Latimer House Limited, London 1949 Reprint Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover 
216 pages (complete). A convivial copy. The boards have wear, storage marks and stains, scuffing. They are passive and steady. The frontispage has a gift inscription (not from the author!). The contents are genial. They have aged gently, consequently there is foxing, wear, there are occasional marks. However, the contents are also certain, comfortable, clean, clear, assured. fk 
Price: 71.25 USD
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9 Heyneman, Anne William Wigglewhistle
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York / Charles Scribner's Sons Ltd., London 1939 First Edition Hardcover Fair No Jacket Hardcover 
Complete. A much owned and avidly enjoyed copy. The boards are grubby, worn, steady. They are resolutely secure. The contents have much evidence of energetic ownership. There are scribbles on the end papers. A page towards the end of the story has an open tear (this is unobtrusive). The pages are much worn, much marked from handling and use. The evidence of repeated enjoyment is seen throughout. Nonetheless, the pages are comfortable, convivial, contented, clear, eager. fk 
Price: 66.50 USD
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The Big Book of Fair Tales, Jerrold, Walter
10 Jerrold, Walter The Big Book of Fair Tales
Blackie and Son, Limited, London and Glasgow 1911 First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover Robinson, Charles 
344 pages (complete) but frontispiece is absent. A generously owned copy. The red boards are worn, scuffed and marked all about. The gilt titling is benign if somewhat worn. The spine has handling and shelving wear to the head and foot. It has been mildly rubbed. The boards are sound and sure. Within, the contents have been eagerly perused and read. The front and end pages have childish doodlings and annotations. Some of the black and white illustrations have been 'assisted' by childish creative urges, and coloured pencils have been carefully and generously applied. The contents have ample evidence of very contented use throughout. However, the pages are in general, and by far, clean and clear, energetic and eager, agreeable and assured. fk 
Price: 104.50 USD
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The Raid, Johns, Capt. W E
11 Johns, Capt. W E The Raid
John Hamilton, Ltd., London 1935 First Edition Hardcover Very Good No Jacket Hardcover 
221 pages plus 30 advertising pages (complete). The W E Johns website page admits that it is difficult to ascertain a true first edition of this book (the story was first published in "Wings" magazine, whose publisher was the same as for the book). After consulting a copy in the Bodleian Library (dated stamped May 1935) they conclude that a true first edition (such as this copy) Binding:  Crest (publisher's) on spine. Orange cloth and black lettering.  Blind front.Titles at front of book:  Lists 4 non-fiction plus 7 titles by W. E. Johns opposite title page.  Under author on title page : 'Editor of Popular Flying'.  Pages run from 7 - 221.  No illustrations.Catalogue at back: Undated 'Aviation General'. Pages 7 - 30. Plus advert for Wings on inside back cover.  Amongst entries in catalogue states that The Black Peril, The Raid, plus one more non-WEJ are new titles. Also to be noted is that Johns was listed as a Flying-Officer and as a Captain on page 17 of the advertising pages. The boards of this copy are scuffed, a little worn from shelving and use, mildly marked. The spine is lightly sunned. There are some storage marks. It is fit and sure. The boards are steady. The page trims are flecked with foxing. The early pages have foxing. The bulk of the contents are mellowed, clean, clear, comfortable, congenial, pleasing, still eager. fk 
Price: 109.25 USD
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Worrals Investigates :A further adventure in the career of Joan Worralson and her friend "Frecks" Lovell, onoe time of the WAAF, Johns, Captain W E
12 Johns, Captain W E Worrals Investigates :A further adventure in the career of Joan Worralson and her friend "Frecks" Lovell, onoe time of the WAAF
Lutterworth Press, London 1950 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Good Hardcover 
173 pages (complete). A pleasing copy of this first edition of "Worrals Investigates" - the final story in the 'Worrals' series. Worrals was based Amy Johnson and Pauline Gower - two of thrilling aviators of Johns' acquaintance. The dustjacket of this copy (price snipped) appears faded but is true. It does have wear, creasing and scuffing. It is also comfortable and secure. The boards are healthy. They have mild shelving wear to the edges and a very few storage marks. There is a previous owner inscription on the frontispage. The contents are most pleasing. There are occasional pencilled underlinings, but in general, and by far, the contents are hearty, clean, clear, very certain, thick, fresh-faced, keen. fk 
Price: 42.75 USD
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The Last Battle - a story for children, Lewis, C S
13 Lewis, C S The Last Battle - a story for children
The Bodley Head, London 1956 First Edition Hardcover Good Good Hardcover Baynes, Pauline 
184 pages (complete). The book is accompanied by a facsimile dustjacket. A comfortable copy. The boards are sure. They have wear about the edges and corners and seams from handling and storage. They are scuffed, mildly marked from handling. They are steady, sure. The frontis paper have residue marks from scotch-tape. There is a previous owner notation. There are creases from use and handling. The front pastedown has the clipped blurb from the original dustjacket. The papertrims have handling marks. Within, the contents are benign, contented. They are comfortable, clean, clear, amiable, occasionally marked, but most ready. fk 
Price: 142.50 USD
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The Tree That Sat Down, Nichols, Beverley
14 Nichols, Beverley The Tree That Sat Down
Jonathan Cape, London 1945 First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover Sale, Isobel and John Morton 
302 pages (complete). A gentle copy of Beverley Nichols' first evergreen children's book. The boards are much worn, marked all about from storage. They have strips of sunning. They are also steady, sound. The contents are placid and contented. Printed according to wartime economic standards. The pages are clean, clear, comfortable, kindly, sweet. fk 
Price: 61.75 USD
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15 O' Connor, Daniel S (Ed) ; Stead, W T (foreword) Peter Pan Keepsake : The Story of Peter Pan - Retold from Mr Barrie's Fantasy, as presented by Charles Frohman, At the Duke of York's Theatre, London - (1904-1905); (1905-1906); (1906-1907) -
Chatto & Windus, London 1907 First Edition Softcover Good No Jacket Softcover 
Complete. A much owned but engaging copy. The retelling of the Peter Pan story is based on the long run of the play particularly in London. Reverse frontispage has cast lists of the London, Manchester and New York productions. The illustrations are photographs of the London production (which made the name of several actresses) with Pauline Chase, Gerald du Maurier, Sybil Carlisle, Hilda Trevelyan, George Hersee, Ernest Hollom, Miss Jane Wren etc. The covers have a thick clear plastic protective cover (worn, but very sure). The covers are worn, marked, creased from avid use. They are resolutely sure. The contents also have much wear from use and age. The pages have evidence of much engagement. Nonetheless, the pages are clear, clean(ish - most of the time), assured, generous. fk 
Price: 36.10 USD
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16 Pacholek, Emil Here Comes the Bride
Andre Deutsch Ltd., London 1985 023397668X / 9780233976686 First Edition Hardcover Fine No Jacket Hardcover Ambrus, Glenys 
Complete. A very smart and eager copy. The illustrated laminated boards are fresh, clean, healthy. The contents are in most pleasing condition. They are very clean and clear, playful and keen, vividly and vivaciously illustrated, generous and contented - as if new throughout! fk 
Price: 85.50 USD
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Cannibal Adventure, Price, Willard
17 Price, Willard Cannibal Adventure
Jonathan Cape, London 1972 0224006630 / 9780224006637 First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover Marriott, Pat 
245 pages (complete). A contentedly owned copy. The boards have wear, scuffing and marks. They are still steady, sound, sure. The contents have light storage and handling marks. They are comfortable, certain, clean, clear. fk 
Price: 38.00 USD
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18 Sandys, Ruth Numerous Names Nimbly Narrated
Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press, London 1930 First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover Sandys, Ruth 
26 silkscreen plates on thick laid sheets (watermarked: Abbey Mills Greenfield with coronet emblem). Utterly charming and joyful. It has been avidly owned. The boards are much worn, scuffed and marked all about. They are steady and sweet. The contents are full of character. Each letter of the alphabet is printed on one side of each page only, leaving the other side blank. Both the verses and illustrations are utterly enchanting. The pages do have some foxing, some aging marks, some light wear. However, they are healthy, firm, colourful, exquisitely-imagined, venerably elegant. fk 
Price: 142.50 USD
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The Rose Fairy Book, Strang, Mrs Herbert
19 Strang, Mrs Herbert The Rose Fairy Book
Henry Frowde Hodder & Stoughton, London 1912 First Edition Hardcover Good No Jacket Hardcover Govey, Lilian A 
303 pages (complete). A much owned copy. Mrs Henry Strang was also Mr Henry Strang, who was in turn two men from Oxford who decided to write and publish childrens' stories and books. The thick boards are decorated and titled in gilt (worn and wistful), small circle coloured plate (weary but pretty). The boards are worn and scuffed and marked all about from handling and shelving. They are sound and secure. The front pastedown has a small picture of the French General Joffe affixed. The first pages have been subjected to determined childish inscriptions. The pages are genially aging. They are a little tanned here and there, there are flushes of foxing throughout. However, the contents are kindly, the illustrations (especially the coloured plates (vivid and bright)) are pretty and pleasing. The pages are clear, comfortable, comforting, assured. fk 
Price: 142.50 USD
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